Episode 09 – Wendy Papasan

5 Minute Success – The Podcast: Episode 09 – Wendy Papasan, Secrets of a Work/Life Balance Ninja Revealed

Wendy Papasan is a Business Owner, Realtor and Investor in Austin, TX. After only 8 years in the business, she has sold more than $250 million in real estate and runs real estate teams in Austin, St Louis and Minneapolis.

In addition to her real estate business, Wendy produces the popular Austin podcast InsideATX, owns multiple income-producing properties, and is a partner in a Memphis real estate office. She also a sought-after MAPS coach, who coaches other top agents across the country.

A community activist and philanthropist, Wendy is chairman of the board of KW Kids Can, a non-profit that helps young adults think bigger and grow their wealth. Last year she raised $150,000 Heroes for Children, a Texas nonprofit that helps children with cancer.

She is married to NY Times best-selling author Jay Papasan and they are the proud parents of Gus and Veronica and a dog named Taco.


In this episode, Wendy and Karen discuss:

  • Success Story of Wendy Papasan
  • Commit to Get Leads
  • Consult to Sell
  • Connect to Build and Grow
  • Success Thinking, Activities and Vision
  • Sweet Spot of Success


Key Takeaways and Actionable Success Principles

  • We underestimate what we can accomplish in a year
  • Success is sequential, not simultaneous
  • Hiring transaction coordinators is the way to go!


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Show Notes by Executive Producer: Mar England

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