Episode 10 – Rob Jolles

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5 Minute Success – The Podcast: Episode 10 – Rob Jolles, Secrets of a Top Sales Trainer Revealed

A sought-after speaker and best-selling author, Rob Jolles teaches, entertains, and inspires audiences worldwide. Rob draws on more than thirty years of experience to teach people how to change minds. His keynotes and workshops on influence and persuasion are in global demand, including companies in North America, Europe, Africa, and the Far East.
His best-selling books, including Customer Centered Selling, How to Run Seminars & Workshops, and The Way of the Road Warrior: Lessons in Business and Life from the Road Most Traveled have been translated into more than a dozen languages.


In this episode, Rob and Karen discuss:

  • Rob’s career journey
  • The strategies of a salesman
  • How Rob generates leads
  • Client Trust
  • Rob’s secret to success

“What we find, when we study decision patterns, over 80% of the (real estate) population is not completely happy with their home.” – Rob Jolles


Key Takeaways and Actionable Success Principles

  • If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, it’ll catch up to you
  • When you accept a job, commit to accepting the work
  • Consider how to get in front of people who haven’t considered change but aren’t completely happy
  • You’ve got to create trust – let the client talk
  • Always have one eye on where you are and one line on the pipeline


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Show Notes by Executive Producer: Mar England

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