Episode 16 – Kristin Brindley



Kristin has been part of the CUTCO community for 12 years. Her career sales are over $1 million and she is a proud member of CUTCO’s Hall of Fame. It’s her passion to help realtors and lenders brand their business using a gift that is unique, high quality, classy, and effective. From this passion, came DC Metro Real Producers – the magazine she publishes connecting top producing realtors and affiliates in the DC Metro tristate areas and surrounding counties.


In this episode, Karen and Kristin discuss:

  • Kristin’s journey to success
  • How Kristin gets leads
  • What CUTCO is all about
  • Kristin’s strategies for consulting to sell
  • Feel. Felt. Found.
  • How Kristin connects to build and grow


“When you set your mind to something, your mind helps you achieve it” – Kristin Brindley


Key Takeaways and Actionable Success Principles:

  • Authenticity is paramount and Kristin always shares her goals with her clients
  • A push is a time frame when you sell as much as you can
  • CUTCO makes high quality kitchen knives and accessories, made in the US
  • People care if you care. So look at a close as a service and not a sale
  • Strong genuine relationships is how you secure your client retention


Connect with Kristin Brindley:


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