Episode 18 – Jennifer Abernethy



5 Minute Success – Episode 18: Jennifer Abernethy, Secrets of a Top Social Marketing Stylist Revealed

Known as America’ s Sales & Social Marketing Stylist, Jennifer Abernethy is truly living the social life. After leaving a 20+ award-winning, multi-million dollar producing, corporate sales career in 2007, Jennifer Abernethy built a global name for herself – and yet, she feels she’s just beginning to make her mark.

She is the 2x National author of the ever-popular The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing. (Penguin/Random House), and a successful entrepreneur and business personality. One of the breakout digital stars of today’s social business landscape, Jennifer has been earning national accolades for her digital trend-casting, social selling strategies, social marketing, and social selling acumen. Her ideas and approach are transformative for audiences and clients alike.

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In this episode, Karen and Jennif discuss:

  • Jennifer’s journey to success
  • How Jennifer got creative
  • Jennifer’s social media advice
  • Jennifer’s strategies
  • How Jennifer connects to build and grow


“Infotainment is art of sharing information in an entertaining way to engage the reader” – Jennifer Abernethy


Key Takeaways and Actionable Success Principles:

  • You want to post every day on social because you want to stay top of mind
  • Connect further with your audience with MailVu
  • In today’s social business economy, do something that stands out and makes people feel connected to you
  • You’ve got to start reaching globally, not just locally
  • Social media isn’t just about your content, it’s about engaging with other people’s content


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